Minutes of the Committee Meeting of 6th March 2019


Committee Meeting

At The Buccaneer/ Wednesday 06 March 2019/7:30


  1. Present

Sue, Lesley, Jackie, Mike, Michelle, Phil, Ross, Carol, Jean, Colin, Phil,Frank

  1. Apologies

Critter, Chris , Hilary

  1. Approval of minutes of Committee Meeting of 23 January 2019

Minutes approved, signed and ready for publication.

  1. Matters arising from Committee Meeting of 23 January (not covered in agenda items)

  • Frank shared details of All My Sons by Arthur Miller, May 14th, Wharf. If anyone is interested need to book for themselves as Frank not around on that date.

Action: Carol to share details on GLAD FB page.

  1. Passport to Gunnislake

  • Rehearsals going well

  • Rehearsals from now on will be in the church hall and (once the school holidays begin) in the village hall

  • Approximate estimated expenses are :- £150 for hire of church hall, £200 for hire of village hall during performance week, £745 for hire of seating, lighting etc., £20 for hire of long curtains. This expenditure was agreed by the committee.

  • Performance space has been reorientated to be infront of windows / curtains with audience backs to the hall bar. Performance area will be divided into 3 spaces with bar area in the middle, crypt / westminster to the right and domestic space to the left.

  • Small 'wing areas' will be available

  • Action: Carol and Jean will talk to Adam and then look at what risk assessments and event notices are needed.

  • Ticket price agreed at £6 and will be on sale in Premier and Koffee Lodge.

Mike happy to monitor ticket sales.

  • Posters will emphasise that it is a 'comic play'.

Action: Colin to order A3 poster to go on Bob's board and small banner to go on hall railings. Posters to begin to go up from Monday 11 March.

  • Simple programme to mimic passport and be available for 20p.

  • Helpers for front of house – Glenys, Jackie, Chris and Jean. Suggestion to have a 'security check' and stamp tickets on arrival.

  • Silent raffle each night. Action: Lesley to organise and speak to Kay.

  • Refreshments wil be ice creams at interval. Action: Lesley to organise stocking and freezer.

  1. Finance/Fundraising

  • Current balance - £3569.07

  • Bid to Albaston Fete was unsuccessful

Action: Fundraising to be agenda item for next meeting.

  1. AGM date/ideas

  • Wednesday 22 May / 7:00 pm / Doors open 6:30 / Village Hall

  • Membership needs to be decided before AGM

  • Action: Publicise beginning of May

  1. Future/summer plans

  • Festival. Agreed it was too close to April performance to do a murder mystery / play Could do some sort of entertainment on Friday 28th. Action: Format of this entertainment to be an agenda item for next meeting.

Action: Lesley to put question on FB – do people want to do something and if so what?

  1. AOB

Lynda currently sorting costumes and committee expressed their huge thanks.

  1. Date (& place) of next meeting

Wednesday 3 April / Buccaneer / 7:30

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