Minutes of the meeting of 18 February 2020

Committee Meeting

At The Cornish /7:30 / 18 Feb 2020


1. Present

Sue, Lesley, Phil, Carol, Colin, Phil, Frank, Critter, Jean, Lewis, Mike, Jackie

2. Apologies

Chris, Michelle

3. Approval of minutes of Committee Meeting Jan 2020

· Minutes approved, signed and ready for publication.

4. Matters arising from Committee Meeting Jan 2020 (not covered in agenda items)


5. Cowboy Panto

· Panto was very successful. Thanks to all committee members for all their hard work.

· Doing it in hall was very successful.

· Action: Frank to pass on thanks to hall for their support.

· Suggestion that A1 poster should be framed and put up in hall to commemorate first panto in hall for 50 years. Action: Frank /Lesley to take this to next hall committee meeting.

· Discussion about whether another performance should have been put on as we sold out. General feeling was that 4 performances were enough for cast and crew and although there were some people who could not get tickets this wasn’t enough people to fill another performance.

· Date for DVD showing agreed – Friday 3 April. Linda Evans invited to present Tony award. Action: Carol to put on FB and make sure those not on FB get date.

· Breakdown of income and expenditure shared and committee were delighted that (for the first time) a small profit was made - £182.50

6. Financial update

· Financial update shared. Current bank balance - £2 610.60

· Discussion about purchasing storage case (£60) and tired seating (£846 or £618).

· Other areas for expenditure were highlighted that would cut down future hiring form Antony – black material for curtains, light and sound equipment, stage carpets, rigging, side steps, stage rigging. These were seen as greater priorities than tiered seating.

· Action: It was agreed to purchase flight bag but not tiered seating.

· Action: All committee members asked to bring priority list to next meeting.

· GLAD will be Albaston Fete beneficiary this year.

7. Future Plans 2020

· GLAD ‘performance’ planned for 9 Aug on Fosters Field as part of Bridge 500 celebrations. 4 ‘sketches, each 3 or 4 minutes performed as ‘rolling street theatre’. Action: Frank to send out script. Authentic costumes seen as key. Consensus to include children in some way.

· Proposal to put on Autumn production in Buccaneer.

· Proposal to look at putting on another Murder Mystery perhaps beginning 2021.

8. AGM

· Agenda item for next meeting


· Lesley will complete feedback form for Cornwall Community Fund

· Jackie had query about hiring stage out. Agenda item for next meeting to put guidelines together to then give to anyone wanting to hire stage off site.

Date and place of next meeting

Tuesday Tues 24 March / 7:30 / Buccaneer (Cancelled due to COVID restrictions)

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