Minutes of the GLAD Committee Meeting 13 January 2020


1. Present

Sue, Lesley, Phil, Carol, Colin, Phil, Frank, Critter, Jean, Lewis, Mike

2. Apologies

Chris,Jackie, Michelle

3. Approval of minutes of Committee Meeting Dec 2019

· Minutes approved, signed and ready for publication.

4. Matters arising from Committee Meeting of 11 Dec (not covered in agenda items)


5. Cowboy Panto

· Lorna will prompt so that Jean and Carol can now concentrate on stage management

· Props and scenery list has been reviewed and due to lack of space behind stage cast will be asked to support with this

· Rehearsals are now arranged for village hall

· Stage is a good size (5m x 4m) and height is good but steps up and down need to be sorted.

· Linda will start bringing costumes to rehearsals

· Sue has sorted front of house rota

· Lesley has sorted raffle and refreshments.

· Programmes will be A4 colour – front page poster, cast list, crew list, thanks, foreward from Lesley, words to California Here I Come. Action: Colin to design and order. Donations will be requested to cover costs.

· Tickets going well but still some left.

· Happy for Stuart to video and sell for profits. We will advertise.

· Monday – staging up and tech rehearsal

· Tuesday – dress rehearsal

· After show party after Saturday evening performance in village hall.

7. Financial update

· Full financial update at next meeting after panto.

8. AOB

· Future plans 2020 agenda item for next meeting

Date and place of next meeting

Tuesday 18 Feb / 7:30 / Cornish Inn

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