Minutes of the Committee Meeting 16th May 2019

  1. Present

Sue, Lesley, Jackie, Michelle, Phil, Ross, Carol,Colin, Phil,Frank, Critter

  1. Apologies

Chris, Mike, Jean

  1. Approval of minutes of Committee Meeting of April 2019

Minutes approved, signed and ready for publication.

  1. Matters arising from Committee Meeting of April (not covered in agenda items)


  1. Passport to Gunnislake

*Finance breakdown shared showing an overall loss of £295.91. Committee agreed that future tickets should be £7

* Stuart concerned about quality of sound on DVD due to proximity of young child in audience

Action: Sue to liaise with Stuart.

* Seating was a great success and agreed that next time seating could be increased.

* Committee pleased that hall now suitable venue for some future productions.

* Agreed that must ensure all tickets removed from shop if to be put aside for pick up at door to prevent double selling.

  1. Finance/Fundraising

*Accounts have been audited by Steve Sheasby.

*Accounts for AGM will not include deficit from play.

  1. AGM

* Will display posters and newspaper headlines from play in the hall

*Updated running order was shared and agreed.

*Copy of constitution and Safeguarding policy will be available.

* Action: Carol to send minutes from 2018 AGM to committee

*Action: Lesley willprint off copies of minutes, agendas and finance statement

8. Future/summer plans

*Festival. Agreement to dress up and form part of procession. With a dressing up box and

to share gazebo with GCM.

*Action: Carol to arrange date with Lynda to pick up costumes and put it on FB and ask

her to sort a dressing up box.

9. AOB


  1. Date (& place) of next meeting

To be agreed by new committee at AGM.

AGM – Wed 22 May / 18:30 / Village Hall

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