Minutes of Committee Meeting - 29 August 2019

Committee Meeting

At The Buccaneer/ 29 August 2019


  1. Present

Sue, Lesley, Jackie, Michelle, Phil, Carol, Colin, Phil, Frank, Critter, Jean, Lewis, Chris, Ross, Mike

  1. Apologies

No apologies

  1. Approval of minutes of Committee Meeting of 9 July 2019

Minutes approved, signed and ready for publication.

  1. Matters arising from Committee Meeting of 23 January (not covered in agenda items)


  1. Cowboy Panto

  • Read through went well. Thanks to Lesley for hosting.

  • Posters for auditions are up and advertised on website and FB

  • Quite a few children have expressed an interest

  • Frank has prepared an information sheet for people auditioning.

  • Action: Frank to arrange production meeting after auditions have taken place.

  • Audition pieces have been printed out and will be available.

  • Frank will put up size of parts and synopsis of character etc for people to read.

  • Michelle, Jackie and Frank will adjudicate

  • Children to be invited to attend 7:00 to 7:30

  1. Grant application

  • Application towards staging has been sent off and follow up questions answered

  • Should hear from mid October

  • Might not be the full amount but should get a generous contribution

  1. Financial update

  • £3424.79 current balance

  • £45 of membership fees collected at DVD showing

  • £40 donated from Hilary

  • DVD presentation donations covered cost of hall

  1. Future plans

  • Meeting to be held to discuss Bridge celebrations next year.

  • Lesley will attend to say that GLAD will be involved (possibly linking with dramatic representation with battle on the bridge organised by Sealed Knot)

9. AOB

  • Christmas tree festival to be agenda item for next meeting

10. Date and place of next meeting

Tuesday 1 October / 7:30 / Buccaneer

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